About Craig Lew


Craig Lew was born in Fresno, California, and is a fourth-generation Chinese American. As a producer, director, and screenwriter of horror and dark comedy movies, he believes that in any story the best hero is the one who seeks love. Writing his debut Young Adult novel in free verse, Craig said, “When you write about the dark subject of child abuse while weaving a message of healing and forgiveness, you can’t help but find more room in your own heart for compassion.”

For more information about Craig, visit CraigLew.com

screen shot of craig lew blog tour at the Irish Banana for the YA Novel

Craig visited The Irish Banana to talk about his writing process on Breath To Breath.

Craig Lew at the who ru blog speaking about his YA Debut novel

Craig also spoke with the Who RU Blog about how writing the novel changed him. There’s even a speed round where he reveals his favorite vacation spot!

craig lew interviewed at emily reads everything

What does Craig hope readers will take away from reading Breath To Breath? “My hope is that people will gain a better perspective of how to heal, how to strive toward forgiveness, and learn to love the traits that make a person, in spite of their flaws or history, grand.”

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